Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Twitter is the Best Social Media

I think twitter is the best social media because it has so much to offer. There are so many people out there that you can follow, it's incredible. Think about all of the time and effort involved in making this website and allowing so many people to be apart of it. Celebrities have it, adults, kids, grandparents etc. It is a website for all to use unlike Facebook which is a little more complicated. You have the options on twitter to be private, and accept follow requests, or to let anyone who chooses to, follow you. There are people with millions and millions of tweets. That's the cool thing about twitter, you can post whatever you want and people won't even know what you're talking about. It's a place for random ideas and opinions to be expressed. 

Twitter is not only tweeting, but posting pictures, links, videos, for all of your followers to see. You can also design your profile however you want. Choose a avatar picture, cover photo, background, and more. Personally, I enjoy twitter much more than Facebook and other social media websites. It helps you get to know people better. For example, say you have a really quiet girl in one of your classes and she sort of keeps to herself. You then check out her twitter and see that she really does have an opinion on things and is quite talkative. Although things can be misread or miscomprehended, as can anything online, I do believe that twitter is the best social media website. 


  1. I agree with you that Twitter helps get to know people better. People tweet about their opinions or things that bother them, and that helps you get to know what their personality is like.

  2. I agree with that Twitter helps you get know people better. People tweet about what they like and dislike which helps you to get to know more about them.